The 11th storehouse opening-Sawanotsuru whole opening-holding!

In Sawanotsuru, we will hold "11th Kura-Open"!

In order to enjoy sake culture with everyone in the community, we will open Sawanotsuru altogether.

【Date and time】
March 16, (Sat)
11: 30 ~ 15: 30 【Rain scheduling】

Sawanotsuru Head Office Factory and Sawanotsuru Museum

【Street address】
Sawanotsuru headquarters factory 5-chome No. 1 2 No. 5 Shin-utainamachi Nada-ku Kobe-shi
Sawanotsuru Museum 1 - 29 - 1 No. 1 Oishinanamachi Nada - ku Kobe - shi

【access】About 15 minutes on foot to the south from Hanshin Main Line "Oishi Station"

※ There is no parking lot in this venue · museum and surroundings, so we will refuse your visit by car. Drinking alcohol for minors and drivers (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) is prohibited by law. Absolutely let's not drunk and drive.


Event Plaza

● Lucky Bag Sales
A super affordable lucky bag packed with sake and food. (350 bags limited)
● Premium sake paid tasting
Was awarded the gold medal at the national sake Kan Review Board Daiginjo and Hyogo Prefecture Yamadanishiki was charged with 100%
Junmai Daiginjo there is wine.
● Merchandise Corner
Kurabiraki limited edition and, handed recommended sake nurses polished rice ratio other.
● Food Corner
Sake, fried noodles, yakitori, pig kimchi, lees soup, boiled eggplant
※ Food menu is subject to change without notice.
● Kids corner
Senbon fishing, Super ball scooping
● Gifts exchange 11: 30 ~ 15: 10
We will give free gifts to people who have come out from 1 to 5 etc in triangular lottery to be distributed at reception.

Event stage

11: 50 ~ Demonstration of barrel winding
12: 20 ~ Musical Paradise Show "Queeran Powder"
13: 00 ~ Opening remarks Kiribuko · Toast ~ Beer's Behavior ~ (limited to 300 people)
13: 35 ~ Exciting rock'n'roll band 'Watanabe Flower'
14: 15 ~ Demonstration of barrel winding
14: 45-sake brewing song (Sawanotsuru sake brewing song study group)
※ The performance may be changed without notice.

Sake ware tour 11: 30 ~ 14: 30

● Tour of Four Seasons Brewery Collection 'Zuihogura'
※ Free Tour
※ For convenience of accommodation capacity, admission may be restricted.

Sawanotsuru Museum 10: 00 ~ 16: 00

● Lucky Bag Sales
It is limited to 200 bags original lucky bags.
● Sakegura Quiz
If you participated in the quiz, you will receive a gift to 300 guests first.
● Indoor String Mini Concert
String Mini Concert by "Ensemble Kabutoyama" ♪
Part 1: 11: 30-12: 00 2: 13: 00-13: 30
● Business trip corner
Naniwa kelp, Miyoshido Honpo (seasonal Japanese confectionery), am-mirifico (Yamadanishiki Pon confectionery demonstration sale)