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We continue to challenge the original taste of traditional sake.

At the time of development of "Sawanotsuru Komedakenosake", the evaluation of Junmaishu in the world was "heavy" and "hard to drink". So Sawanotsuru began making "sake" which is easy to drink and delicious, taste of rice firmly. The concept of alcohol is not using any brewed alcohol / saccharide / acidulant, 100% non-additive "packed sake on a notch". The background is to develop traditional sake made from rice, koji and water, which can regain the original appearance of sake which continues from the Edo period, and to have customers know about the merit of sake There was a determination unique to "Sawanotsuru".
"Sawanotsuru Komedakenosake" was 73% of polished rice milling rate (rice cutting rate) other than rice rice, it did not apply to the Junmaishu regulation at the time of development. However, we did not qualify as a high-grade name of sake named "Junmaishu", but I was committed to offering "deliciousness made only with rice" and sold it as ordinary sake. Thanks to "Sawanotsuru Komedakenosake" became a hit product, and received favorable reviews from customers. Was the influence also there? In 2004 (2004) the standard was revised, "Sawanotsuru Komedakenosake" can now be shown as Junmaishu.

Commitment of Sawanotsuru Junmaishu

Sawanotsuru Junmaishu which made use of the taste of rice. How about comparing each product drink?

Komedake no sake

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It is refreshing though it is delicious and rich in rice only

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Junmai Yamada Nishiki

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Sawanotsuru's 6 Commitments

The tradition that inherited successively throughout 300 years and the playfulness for new innovation is the secret of the deliciousness of sake of Sawanotsuru.