Regular temperature of sake

In a simple hood, for example "drink lawn"

Enjoy a drink like a picnic with dip sauce that goes well with bread, fried chicken and snacks that can be purchased at convenience stores, nuts, etc. You can easily enjoy sake the same temperature without water or ice. One of the attractions is that you can drink anywhere.

Enjoy sake as you can at an easy temperature

Compared with warm sake and cold sake, it is fun at room temperature that you can taste the taste as it is made. Some people who are easier to drink than those of flavor, others who taste sweet and sour taste better than cold sake clearly. "It is fun way to enjoy casual sake, which attracts attention not only from young women but also for" enjoying sake at a friendly temperature without cooling the body ".

Recommended for cold dishes and warm dishes

Allowing you to drink alcohol (normal temperature) without having to worry about the temperature of cooking with ease.



It is tasty to suit any dish.

Please enjoy Tokubetsu Junmaishu "Jitsuraku Yamadanishiki" even at room temperature.

If the temperature is the same, you can enjoy the delicate taste of Yamadanishiki, which is sake-brewing rice, such as “smoothness” and “fineness” of “Sakuraku Yamadanishiki”. First, try at the same temperature, and then gradually increase the temperature of the sake. You will surely find the temperature you like. Kimoto is a unique way of enjoying.