About daily sake

Sake that makes more delicious dishes.

Sawanotsuru's sake is a Japanese sake (daily sake, food under sake) that meets a dish that does not get tired of drinking. We are making sake that is compatible with meals, such as snuggling closely. Even with the same sake, the taste greatly changes depending on whether it cools or warms. It is interesting for sake to be able to meet new taste with the taste of dishes. By enjoying with sake, a dish like snacks that are ordinarily on the table or salty is also more delicious. Why do not you begin to look for a sake that is compatible with the dishes you eat often?

Examples of drinks that suit dishes

1. Scented liquor [Daiginjo Sake / Ginjo Sake] Steamed clams, thin white fish ponzu, seafood salad, fresh spring rolls, cold steamed chicken, vermicelli salad, scallops and broccoli stir-fry
2. Light and smooth liquor [Refreshing Junmai shu, genuine brewed liquor, fresh liquor, ordinary liquor]… Soup rolls with egg, yudofu, fluffy radish, buckwheat, grilled shrimp, crab balls, Happo vegetables, shrimp and crab Of shumai, omelet, roll cabbage
3. Rich sake [Junmai shu/ ginger] ... Sukiyaki, Chikuzenni, Yakitori (Tare), Yellowtail Teriyaki, Boiled Fish, Hamburger, Fried Chicken, Beef Steak, Salmon Butter Saute, Cream Stew
4. Scented and rich liquor [Long-term aged sake] ... grilled eel, boiled pork, beef stew, blue cheese

Sawanotsuru's sake that fits a wide range of dishes

Please enjoy compatibility with various dishes with each product.

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Sawanotsuru's 6 Commitments

The tradition that inherited successively throughout 300 years and the playfulness for new innovation is the secret of the deliciousness of sake of Sawanotsuru.