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The beginning of Sawanotsuru and the promise of the future

"※" swore to the mark, easy to drink Junmai shu building

1717 was founded in (1717 years) Sawanotsuru is, primary engaged in rice shop is, as a sideline sake brewing we are originated that started. Since then, the United States we have the power to Connoisseur has been inherited from generation to generation, and Junmai shu continue to stick to the sake of, the United States only, "Thanks Sawanotsuru of" Junmai shu is, received high praise from many of the people , Even in terms of sales, it is always at the top.
Junmai shu · Komedakenosake is "drinkable sake" which is made for the first time by carefully taking care of by the hands of people taking advantage of the life force of rice and miyamizu. It was very easy to drink and I was not able to tell the young person that it was alcohol that I enjoyed everyday.
Please try our "Junmai shu Yamada Nishiki" and "Tokubetsu Junmai Jitsuraku Yamada Nishiki" once by all means. I think that you can understand the merit of junmai shu. I will continue to make real authentic sake. Sawa's crane which originated from a rice shop with such vows also marked the "*" mark originating from the character of rice on the product label.

The sake name of Sawanotsuru is ...
"When the God of the Sun, Amaterasu Ogami was deceased in Ise, I heard the birds 'crying voice frequently at the row of Izawa, so I thought once more that Yamato Hime' s Mission was When I asked the lord of the voice, I found that a white crane was crowing with the rice cultivar brought up in rain, I was deeply sorry for making birds even for birds and serving the gods (offering to God) to Ogami Yamihime deeply orders the god of Isa Hitorori (Ishibashi no Kami) to bring sake from its rice plant, for the first time to serve Ogami and to serve that crane as a grand-year old god (Omori no Kami = God of the fifth grain It is based on the auspicious occasion of Shrine of Ikki which I cherish and valued with "I am crowded with the same position as Ise Uchimiya" (the one from which the shrine was built).

Please enjoy "delicious" Junmai shu "I'm coming and I can not get it unexpectedly".

In 2017, Sawanotsuru celebrated its 300th anniversary. As a gift brewer of Nada, a famous place of sake, it is handled all over Japan, but "It is likely to get in hand, so I can not get it unexpectedly" is Sawanotsuru's sake . This is because we have not kept production volumes and low selling, and have kept traditional traditional way of making good old materials.
The traditional recipe made with rice, koji and water alone solves the problems of the long-time sake industry such as reducing the alcohol content to 10.5 degrees, as it is, while retaining the original merit of Junmai shu. And products have been created. It seems that its uniqueness is understood by everyone such as the brewing industry, retail shops, restaurants, etc. as "a different brewery". I would like to cherish the opportunity to convey this charm of sake of sake crane that makes serious prosperous sake seriously in the future directly to each customer individually.
We cherish the sake culture that is attracting attention as a "new sake" from the world, while continuing to make sake that every day dining table becomes more delicious. Please expect from Sawanotsuru' future.

Sawanotsuru Museum

"Sake brewery of old times" In order to tell the history of sake brewing to the present age, the old brewery store was released as a museum unchanged in November 1978.


In Sawanotsuru, we need power to tomorrow with flexible thinking and energetic action power.

Company information

Company name Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd.​ ​
head office 5 - 1 - 2 Shinzaike Minami - cho Nada - ku, Kobe - shi 〒657-0864 Tel: 078 - 881 - 1234​ ​​ ​
East Japan Branch 1 - 3-8 Ningyou-cho Chuo-ku Tokyo Tel: 03 - 3666 - 8111
West Japan Branch 5 - 1 - 2 Shinzaike Minami - cho Nada - ku, Kobe - shi Tel: 078 - 881 - 4333 (substitution)
Foundation Kyoho 2 (1717)
Capital 96 million yen
Representative Representative Director and President Takashi Nishimura (15th generation)
number of employees 180 people
Business contents Brewing, sales and related business of sake "Sawanotsuru"
Affiliate Sawanotsuru Foods Co., Ltd. Tel: 078 - 871 - 4087
Hyakumangoku Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Sawanotsuru Real Estate Co., Ltd.


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5 - 1 - 2 Shinzaike Minami - cho Nada - ku, Kobe - shi 〒657-0864​ ​

TEL078 - 881 - 1234

Electric train10 minutes on foot from Hanshin Electric Railway Main Line Oishi Station