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A relieved relief on a busy weekday night

With a delicious meal for a luxurious holiday

For a family holiday dinner

It is 300 years with rice. From now on.

Sawanotsuru's 6 stubborn

The tradition that inherited successively throughout 300 years and the playfulness for new innovation is the secret of the deliciousness of sake of Sawanotsuru.

Company information

In Sawanotsuru, there is a research meeting for sake of cooking and sake, and the color of myself and sake
I am studying how it can be connected.

from now on
Toward 300 Years

Products of Sawanotsuru

In 2017, Sawanotsuru celebrates its 300th anniversary. As a gift brewer of Nada, a famous place of sake, it is handled throughout Japan, but "It is likely to get in hand, so I do not get it unexpectedly" is sake's sake. This is because we have not kept production volumes and low selling, and kept traditional old-fashioned way of making good materials.
We cherish sake culture that attracts attention as a "new sake" from the world while continuing to make sake that every day's meal will be more delicious. Please expect from Sawanotsuru 's future .

Sawanotsuru Museum

"Sake brewery of old times" In order to tell the history of sake brewing to the present age, the old brewery store was released as a museum unchanged in November 1978.
Many people are familiar with Shin Kobe Station · Kobe Airport and Sannomiya, the nearest Japanese sake brewery located in the center of Kobe.