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About sake

Is the color of alcohol more yellow than usual?

Squeezed sake has a pale yellowish hue. This is due to ingredients of rice as raw material and ingredients produced by fermentation. As in the case of pure rice liquor, the content is rich, or when the maturation period is long, the color becomes darker. In addition, it may be colored depending on the preservation state. Please do not store in high-temperature place, place where sunlight hits, place where direct light of fluorescent light comes.

I have a drink of the old month of manufacture, can you drink it already?

Sake is different from other foods, it contains alcohol, so it will not corrode easily. Although it does not interfere with your body even if it is drunk, because it is conceivable that the flavor of sake is changing, so after checking the color and taste of sake, as a culinary alcohol Please use it. In addition, if you are discolored brown, there is a fear that the flavor of the dish will be impaired, so we can not recommend it.

How long does sake's taste keep before opening?

In case of an unplugged plug, it is about 1 year from the date of manufacture with ordinary sake. It is about 9 months in raw liquor. I am allowed to drink tasty about 9 months with sake. (These periods may be subject to change, depending on storage conditions, etc.)

How can I save sake you opened? Also, how long is the sake's best-before period?

Please save in a cool and light-free place. Please drink after opening as soon as possible.

What is "sake degree"?

It is a measure which is a measure of the sweetness and spicy of Japanese sake. When the specific gravity of water is set to ± 0, liquor with a lot of extracts centered on sugar has a negative value and it feels sweet. On the contrary, liquor with few extracts increases the positive value and it seems to be difficult. Also, it is affected by the acidity contained in sake, it is hard to feel a lot of acid and, on the contrary, it is felt sweet if less.

What is "acidity" · "amino acid degree"?

What is "acidity"?
It is a relative number indicating the amount of organic acids (malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, etc.) that make up the taste (acidity, taste) of sake. The flavor of sake is characterized by delicate balance of these acids and sugar.

What is "amino acid degree"?
It is a numerical value comparatively showing the amount of amino acids that are greatly involved in the taste of Japanese sake (rich, tasty, etc.). Sake contains about 20 kinds of amino acids such as arginine, tyrosine, serine, leucine, glutamic acid, etc., and it forms taste, sweetness, acidity and bitter taste.

Why is "Underage drinking forbidden by law"?

The drinking of minors in the growing stage is susceptible to various brain and body bodies and the function of enzymes that degrade alcohol is weak, younger people become more likely to become acute alcohol poisoning or alcoholism. Also, it is forbidden to sell alcohol to alcoholic beverage dealers or restaurants to know minors and to provide them.

There is alcohol with gold leaf, but is it safe to drink gold leaf?

Since we are using gold leaf for foods whose safety has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare designated inspection organization, there is no problem even if you drink as it is.

I hear that "drinking makes me fat, is it true?

There is an energy of about 170 kcal for sake 1 (18 ml) alcohol (180 ml). More than 80% of these are energy derived from alcohol. The rest is the caloric value of sugar contained in sake. The energy derived from alcohol is also known as "empty calorie (empty calorie)" and soon it is consumed as it turns into heat, etc. Therefore, it is thought that the influence on weight gain after drinking is small.Rather, sake If you drink, your appetite is improved, you eat more meals and relishes, and as a result your weight often increases.

About foods and others

What ingredients are included in sake lees?

It is (rice) starch, protein, protein, a small amount of alcohol etc included in sake (moromi).

The surface of sake lees is white and it is supposed to be powdering, but what is this?

White powdery appearance on the surface of sake lees is a crystal of amino acids which is a flavor component of sake lees.

Is it safe for kids to drink children, pregnant women, weak sake?

Alcohol contained in sake lees is volatile by putting fire, so it is OK to your child to eat. In addition, sake lees is a food with high nutritional value.

The color of sake lees is darker than usual, but is it safe to eat?

Sake lees are colored at the stage of ripening by enzymes contained in them.
Coloring changes as "white → pink → golden → brownish".
If it is pink color it will contain a lot of amino acids and it will be delicious. If it becomes more golden color, it seems better to use it as a material for pickles.

Sake lees are softer than usual, why?

When sake lees progresses, it becomes soft as soon as coloring. In order to suppress coloring and softening, it can be suppressed by sealing with a lap and freezing.

I had brown when I set sake lees, is there any use for it?

It seems better to use vegetables to soak sake lees if they become brown.

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