Koshujikomi Umeshu Koshujikomi Umeshu

Koshujikomi Umeshu

Koshujikomi Umeshu

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Taste and features

Unprecedented, mellow and rich flavorful plum liquor

It is a plum liquor that is rich in raw melamine rice rice which Miwa cranes aged over 3 years, with fine quality "Nanko Ume" carefully raised in Umenosato "Kishu" in Japan.
The taste and depth of long-term aged sake complement the moderately sour taste of Nanko Ume.

Alcohol quality
Alcohol content

Raw materials

Japanese sake · plum (100% Nanko Ume from Wakayama Prefecture) · Saccharides

Contents amount and price

720 ml


Preservation method

Please keep it in a cool and dark place and drink it as soon as possible after opening it.

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