"Kobe 1717 " Release Release


Participated in "BE KOBE Mirai Project" goods ambassador
Commodity ambassador target product "Kobe1717" new release

  • Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd. participates in the goods ambassador in support of "BE KOBE Mirai PROJECT" which is started as a practical activity of "BE KOBE", a civic pride message of Kobe City. As a target product for merchandise ambassadors, we will release "Kobe1717".
  • “BE KOBE Mirai Project” is a project that began with the idea that “each and every one can do more for the future of Kobe”. We will use our earnings from selling original goods that utilize the BE KOBE brand and charity events to support children's support efforts with funds. Sawa Tsuru donated 10 yen per "Kobe 1717" to the "BE KOBE Mirai Foundation".
  • "Kobe 1717" is a product with the thought of "I want to walk with Kobe in the next 300 years", with Sawanotsuru, who has contributed sake to the benefits of nature and people in Kobe, and has produced sake from 1717-300. The product name and package also express that feeling. The product name "Kobe 1717" is named after "Kobe", the location of Sawa's crane, and the year "1717" in its founding year. . Sales area is limited to Hyogo Prefecture.
  • 100% of the Rokko Mountains natural water "Miyamizu" and Hyogo Prefectural Yamadanishiki from which I have polished up to 57%. The fine, rich taste and clean, fruity aroma, and the compatibility with the food is a miso-type pure Junmai Ginjo sake that can be enjoyed as a drink during a meal.
  • "Hyogo certified food" certified · "five star Hyogo" selection

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products are,Saturday, March 16, 2019 0:00From there, we will make a pre-sales sale at Sawanotsuru net shop 3 stores and advance sale at Sawanotsuru Museum Shop. General over-the-counter sales areMonday, March 18, 2019is.

【"Kobe1717" sake quality data】

Sake quality: pure rice ginjo liquor sweetness: middle mouth

Alcohol level: 13.5 Japanese sake degree: +1.0

Acidity: 1.1 Amino acid degree: 1.1

Capacity: 720 ml Maker reference retail price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax)

Sales area: Hyogo prefecture

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