"Sawanotsuru X 01" won "2018 Good Design Award"!

Sawanotsuru X01

"Sawanotsuru X01 (X-Zero One)" received the "Good Design Award of 2018" (sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Organization, Japan Foundation).

Sawanotsuru and Yanmar set up tags, challenging the grand project of "making new sake rice". In the background of the unheard project, "There was a hot intention of both companies to make rice in Japan and change agriculture in Japan." Sawanotsuru X01 "is a memorial developed by this project It is my first sake.

Yanmar's design strategy office is responsible for package design. Expressing the feature of Nada's sake as black, the thought put on the project as red coloring, expressing the efforts of both companies with the charm that imaged Yanmar's mechanical nameplate.

In this award, not only innovative bottle design, but also the fact that Yanmar and Sawa's crane collaborate to create a project have been highly appreciated.

In addition, "Sawanotsuru X 01" was also chosen as the favorite award-winning design selected by each judging panel for the Good Design Award "I selected one." It will be exhibited at "One item I picked 2018" to be held at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi from Wednesday, October 3rd to November 4th (Sun).

In addition, this product is already sold out.

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