Junmai rice Yamada Nishiki Junmaishu Yamadashi

I wrapped the various flavors of alcohol such as acidity and sweetness with the grace of Yamada Nishiki.

A brewery manager · Greeting from Seibu, a singer-designing sakemaker who is also researching and handling "Tamba Shuzakura Uta".

It is this "Junmai rice Yamada Nishiki" that I made sake that I can enjoy the taste of rice firmly like "Junmaishu", with Yamada Nishiki. The reason for using Yamada Nishiki of 55% and common rice of 45% as the usage ratio is that the delicious taste of Yamada Nishiki is combined with the massive taste of general rice so that the taste which is not found in sake made with 100% Yamada Nishiki Was born. We have drunk people who are persistent fans.

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Junmai rice Yamada Nishiki

Junmai rice Yamada Nishiki

Taste and features

Using sake brewery suitable rice "Yamada Nishiki", sake that the goodness of the material lived

I made it using only rice and rice koji. It is a liquor made with 100% rice grain that does not use any auxiliary raw material at all. Moreover, I use rice / Yamada Nishiki which is most suitable for sake rice. (55% Yamada Nishiki used)

  • Yamada Nishiki use
Alcohol quality
Slightly dry
Type with richness
Rice polishing ratio
Koji rice 65% / Kake rie 75%
Alcohol content
Sake Meter Value(SMV)
amino acid

Raw materials

Rice (Japanese) · Rice koji (Japanese rice)

Contents amount and price

720 ml
¥ 772

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Preservation method

Please keep it in a cool and dark place and drink it as soon as possible after opening it.

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Recommended drinking temperature

15 ℃Neighborhood

A fine, mild aroma, slightly dry and good taste spread.

45 ° C - 50 ° C

A well-balanced taste expands and smooth taste spreads in the mouth.