About water

We use the best name for sake brewing where Mt. Rokko fosters.

"Nada's Miya water" which is one of Japan's 100 best water names was discovered in 1840 (Tenpo 11 years). It is underwater flowing through the granite layer of Mt. Rokko, which is rare in Japan with a lot of soft water, and features a high hardness. In addition, there is little iron that has an adverse effect on sake brewing, moderate inclusion of active ingredients such as phosphorus and potassium promotes yeast fermentation. This creates a refreshing flavor with a refreshing name called Nada's brewed sake. As for the mainstream sake using the high-hardness miyu, it is said that alcohol made in winter has better quality when it falls after six months, so it is called "liquor" which is "autumn sky" or "fall fall" I will. Water such as washing rice, water to soak rice, water used for liquor, etc. Miyamizu is essential for sake brewing. In Sawa 's crane, Miyamizu is transported from the well dedicated well to the warehouse tanker every day.

The product of Sawa's crane uses palm water.

Please enjoy unique pork waters produced by Miyu.

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Sawanotsuru's 6 stubborn

The tradition that inherited successively throughout 300 years and the playfulness for new innovation is the secret of the deliciousness of sake of Sawanotsuru.