Premium Aged sake set-Tone Premium old sake set ~ Tone ~

Product features

Sawanotsuru is proud of its long-term aging skills, and it has become a wonderful Aged sake over time.

set content
● Brewed in 1991 Junmai
● Brewed in 1995 Junmai
● 1997 years brewing Kimoto Junmai shu
● Brewed Junmai Daiginjo Sake in 2008
● 2010 brewed Junmaiginjo shu

Premium Aged sake set-Tone

Premium Aged sake set-Tone

Net limited sale product

Taste and features

Extreme aging taste

Sawanotsuru was sleeping in the warehouse Aged sake in, especially wonderful vintage Aged sake was to a set of five. Five colors of tone Tone are characteristic. It is a very luxurious set.

Raw materials

Rice and rice koji

Contents amount and price

200ml x 5 bottles
9,259 yen

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Preservation method

Keep it in a cool and dark place,
Please drink after opening as soon as possible.

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Recommended drinking temperature

15 ℃Neighborhood

You can enjoy signs of deep forests, pine nuts, fragrance and taste of fragrant trees.

50 ℃Neighborhood

You can enjoy a more relaxing flavor than cold.