1996nen Koshujikomi Umeshu 1996 Shoes Tamakomi Umezu

Aiming at plum wine that can only be made by Sawanotsuru, employees are carefully handling each grain one by one carefully.

A brewery manager · Greeting from Seibu, a singer-designing sakemaker who is also researching and handling "Tamba Shuzakura Uta".

Every year, alcohol made by all employees is "sake made with aged sake". Because plum blossoms cause astringent, about one hundred thousand plums are carefully removed one by one with the hands of employees. Years with small grains and large amounts may take up to 4 days. It is extraordinary work, but annual for employees every year. It seems like a little festival, and all our employees are making fun.

Sawa's crane brewery director · singing researcher Westward signature

Product features

There is no other plum wine
Sawanotsuru likeness.
It is "plum wine containing Junmai shu"

Plum wine can be pickled in general households as well, but alcohol that is the base alcohol based on the liquor tax law requires 20 degrees or more, so it can not be pickled with sake. It is my hope that the cherry blossoms with a lot of old sake will make customers "plum wine" with "Kimoto Junmai shu".

Of aged sake and plum wine
At mariage
Premium plum wine
I did it.

It is a premium plum wine with a good compatibility with the taste and depth of long-term aged sake, south high plum soup and aroma of Wakayama. Natural sweetness, astringent of hidden taste is accented.

1996nen Koshujikomi Umeshu

1996nen Koshujikomi Umeshu

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Taste and features

Premium plum liquor with luxurious flavors created by the deep flavor of long-term aged sake

The taste and depth of long-term aged sake complement the moderately sour taste of Nanko Ume.
Taking advantage of the sweetness of sake, it features a natural sweetness ahead of saccharides to be added.

Alcohol quality
Alcohol content

Raw materials

Japanese sake · plum (100% Nanko Ume from Wakayama Prefecture) · Saccharides

Contents amount and price

720 ml
3,000 yen

※ All prices are maker reference retail price, consumption tax not included.

Preservation method

Please keep it in a cool and dark place and drink it as soon as possible after opening it.