Brewed old sake in 1973 1973 Nenjyozokou

A strange sake to become tasty every year.

A brewery manager · Greeting from Seibu, a singer-designing sakemaker who is also researching and handling "Tamba Shuzakura Uta".

When I say the 1973 (the Showa 48) year, I am 8 years old too. The brewing manager in front of three generations began to challenge at a young age is the catalyst for the birth of this sake. When I drunk as a young man, I remember thinking "I wonder who drinks" to a very tasty flavor. Today, such an amber-colored olive liquor has grown to be a refined aftertaste with smooth flavor spreading when it is contained in the mouth. It is mysterious as it becomes tasty every year.

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Product features

It is different from the presumption of Kuran
To grow up to purport
Old sake making with no textbook.

It has been more than 40 years since I made old sake. If it is stored for a long time, proteins produced by Aspergillus can be produced, but these proteins combine together to form large lumps. By falling to the bottom of the tank naturally with the weight of this chunk, the extra taste of old sake is gone, and a light flavorful light flavor can be made.

Over 40 years
Was born through
Long-term aged sake shining golden color.

It has a powerful scent like nuts or mushrooms, a mellow sweetness, an extended taste with a rich feature. One year 1 year It is a sake that customers can taste the deliciousness that the employee discovers.

Brewed old sake in 1973

Brewed old sake in 1973

Limited quantity

Taste and features

Extreme aging taste

It is long-term aged sake that glows golden color that was born after more than 40 years.
You can enjoy a deeply powerful scent, mellow and heavy sweetness, a rich flavor with rich flavor.

Alcohol quality
Long-term aged sake
Slightly sweet
Type with scent and richness
Rice polishing ratio
Alcohol content
Sake Meter Value(SMV)
amino acid

Raw materials

Rice, rice koji, brewed alcohol

Contents amount and price

720 ml
¥ 10,000

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Preservation method

Keep it in a cool and dark place,
Please drink after opening as soon as possible.

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Recommended drinking temperature

15 ℃Neighborhood

You can enjoy signs of deep forests, pine nuts, fragrance and taste of fragrant trees.

50 ℃Neighborhood

You can enjoy a more relaxing flavor than cold.