Sawanotsuru Museum

Built during the late Edo era, and after a lapse of over 170 years, the Oishi brewery was opened as the "Traditional Brewery" Sawanotsuru Museum in order to broaden the culture of sake-brewing and with the hope of passing it down to future generations. The Museum exhibits valuable sake-brewing tools and the traditional nada-sake culture from Sawanotsuru's 300-year history. Experience the profoundness of sake that pursues harmony with nature, such as Mt. Rokko and Miya spring water.

Sawanotsuru Museum

Three attractions of the Museum

Relive the traditional process of sake brewing

Relive the traditional process of sake brewing

Utilizing the wooden brewery built in the late Edo era, the Museum introduces the traditional method of brewing sake. Tools, such as a washing place used for rice-washing, the cauldron used for heat sterilization, and the 2.3m-wide and 1.95m deep vats, used for each individual process are displayed along with its name and a description of its use. In a refined space, you are able to become aware of our ancestors' wisdom and the culture of sake-brewing. Furthermore, you can study models of Japanese-style ships, including the "Taru-kaisen" and "Higaki-kaisen" that transported sake from the Kyoto-Osaka area to Edo, and the "Kitamae-sengoku ship" that was used for commercial activities with area along the Sea of Japan coastline including Hokkaido.

A precious relic that touches the history of sake brewing

A precious relic that touches the history of sake brewing

The remains of the underground structure of the "funaba" is an unusual remnant anywhere in the country. The word funaba refers to a workshop used for pressing sake out of fermented mash. You can also observe the "sakabune" where shibukuro (sacks) filled with fermented mash were lined up and the structure of the "taretsubo," the barrel that receives the pressed sake. You can also visit the "koji-muro," a room for making the koji which greatly affects the quality of the sake. While the steamed rice rests in the room for 40 hours, it is said that the men of old tended to it without any sleep or rest. Please experience the history of sake brewing.

Faithful reconstruction of the

Faithful reconstruction of the "Traditional Brewery" designated as an important tangible folk cultural property

Designated as an important tangible folk cultural property in 1980 by Hyogo prefecture, the Museum gained popularity as one of Kobe's tourist attractions. However, the building was completely destroyed during the 1995 Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. The entire company united in an effort to restore and rebuild, seismic isolation system was installed, and the reconstruction was finished in 1999. It was at this time that the bokusho (ink writing) inscribed with the year 1839 written by the master carpenter was discovered and the funaba was excavated. Please enjoy the Museum as a place where you can experience this refined brewery as it was in the old days, traditional Nada sake, and Japanese culture.

Museum Shop

Only available at the brewery, try a free sample of “raw undiluted sake”

After you have enjoyed the traditions and culture of sake at the “Traditional Brewery” Sawanotsuru Museum, please visit the “Sawanotsuru Museum Shop.” The shop has difficult to get Sawanotsuru products, as well as various sake-related items, and you can also enjoy sake tasting.

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Our Museum Shop is duty-free and also provides “KOBE Free Wi-Fi” [English, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, and Japanese], so overseas visitors are also welcome.
Please visit our shop.

Facility Information

Opening Hours 10:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Every Wednesday (*open if the Wednesday is a holiday, also open on Aug. 17)
Bon holidays (August 10 to 16), New Year’s holiday
Admission fee Free


By car: 5 minutes from the Maya tollgate of Hanshin Expressway Route 3
By train: 10 minute walk from Hanshin Oishi station

*If you are coming by car, the parking lot is located by the Museum Shop on the left of the Museum entrance.

Address: 1-29-1 Oishi Minami-machi, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 657-0852
TEL: 078 (882) 7788
FAX: 078 (882) 677

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