The mark "" symbolizes our passion for rice

Starting as a sideline of a rice shop in Nishi-Go in Nada, Sawanotsuru began brewing sake with the "※" mark. "Passion for rice, making the most of rice, and the selection of rice" is Sawanotsuru’s tradition which has continued since its establishment 300 years ago.

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Happy relief during busy weekdays

With an elaborate meal on a luxurious day off

For dinner with the family on the weekend

Company Profile

At Sawanotsuru, there is a sake and food compatibility research society
that studies every day how your personal preference and sake might possibly be connected.

towards the
next 300 years

Sawanotsuru's Products

In 2017, Sawanotsuru will be celebrating its 300th anniversary. As a brewery in Nada, a location famous for brewing sake, our products are available nationwide, however, the sake from Sawanotsuru "seems obtainable but is surprisingly unobtainable." This is because rather than pursuing production quantity or bargain sales, we continue to protect the traditional and unchanged method of brewing using quality ingredients.
While appreciating the sake culture that has attracted attention worldwide as "a new alcoholic beverage," we will continue to brew sake that makes your everyday meals even tastier. Please look forward to the future of Sawanotsuru.

Sawanotsuru Museum

"Traditional brewery" Sawanotsuru Museum was opened in November 1978 in an old brewery to
communicate the history of sake brewing in the present day.